Vegan Lunch at The Land of Kush









After hearing about this restaurant on numerous occasions, I finally had a chance to visit The Land of Kush in Baltimore over the weekend.  The Land of Kush is a vegan restaurant with an awesome selection of food that even a non-vegetarian like me would enjoy!  As usual, I asked about their best dishes then ordered them as suggested.  Ribs, macaroni & cheese, collard greens and their house lemonade, I must stress, is a great introduction to the restaurant.  The food was well-seasoned and the lemonade was simply amazing.

While I enjoyed the food thoroughly, I would say the only thing that was missing was a family environment.  For some reason, I expected a place more like Cheers, where everyone knows your name.  A place where you become a regular and they know exactly what you want before you do.  The vibe seemed more like a carry out spot.  But then again, maybe that is what they are going for… Well, until next time, The Land of Kush, I will be back to try those lentil burgers!!