A Great Pair of Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell Icy Dollheads

Say “Hello” to the Jeffrey Campbell Icy Dollheads… talk about a great pair of shoes.  Oh yeah and welcome to my Blog!   As the newest Baltimore Fashion Blogger on the scene, I find it very important to make a great first impression.  Of course, my first impression is all about my shoes…  Jeffrey Campbell Icy DollheadSay “Hello” to the Jeffrey Campbell Icy Dollheads…

Jeffrey Campbell Icy Dollhead Jeffrey Campbell Icy Dollheads

My obsession with Jeffrey Campbell is no secret. At my day job I am surrounded by some of the best JC Styles around. Check out my latest obsession the Jeffrey Campbell ICY Dollheads. These have male heads in the soles! While they look intimidating, they are super comfy and super cool!