The Life of Draco - Revolt TV

REVOLT presents The Life of Draco.  A documentary style show that follows Soulja Boy 2021 tour that debuted on the REVOLT App first!

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The Team:

Creative Director:  Dunnie West

Associate Creative Director:  Tia Nicole Newton

Creative Producer:  Dave Shirley Jr.

Lead, Brand Creative:  Stacey Dabney

Motion Graphics:  Perez Westbrook, Ken Irish

Reopening of Shake & Bake

This project holds a special place in my heart.  I remember skating at this neighborhood rink as a little kid so to get the opportunity to help create a new look for the facility after a much needed 1.6 million renovation is a dream of a lifetime.  Shake and Bake is a celebrated return of an area hallmark, a place where families can come after school to gather and enjoy themselves.

The lobby remodel was a major part of the renovation and set the tone to the colorful exterior plans.  I was inspired by neighborhood “Triangle Park” and legendary Jazz singer Billie Holiday, who grew up in Baltimore for the design.  The lobby backdrop infused colorful triangles and the signature Gardenia flower worn in Billie Holiday’s hair.

The wall design was to encourage