ABC Selfie: Social Media Cleanse


A good old fashioned detox is necessary with just about everything we do in excess. So when I was challenged to unplug from social media for 24 hours, I pretty much welcomed the idea. I have grown rather attached to my phone, whether I’m asking ‘Siri’ where I can find the nearest sushi spot or being addicted to checking my Instagram feed as soon as my phone lights up. Social media has pretty much taken over my life, but unlike most addicts I’m not suffering from a denial phase.

Unplugging for 24 hours gave me the opportunity to finally do the things that I needed to do, but just couldn’t find the time in between my countless selfies or snaps of my beautifully laid out dinner. Let’s be real, staring into your phone can pretty much occupy your day, leaving little room for any other things outside of social media.

I started the cleanse by simply powering down my phone and going to bed.  I finally had a chance to sleep in. I wasn’t disturbed by flashes of bright light, email notifications, phone calls or text messages… It was pure bliss! I woke up, ate breakfast (minus the picture and hashtags) and read a book.

#GirlBoss came out months ago, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to finally finish the last half of the book. After reading, I spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking and organizing my fall wardrobe. The evening ended with my second favorite addiction, shopping. I took a trip over to Urban Outfitters to grab a couple of layering tees for Fall. After shopping, I decided to walk around downtown and even took a moment to take in the beautiful view of Baltimore.

While this might not sound like the most adventurous 24 hours, I walked away from my cleanse feeling a bit lighter and refreshed.  My social media cleanse was indeed a welcomed task and it will be interesting to see how Eliza in ABC’s new comedy ‘Selfie’ will survive. Premiering on September 30, 2014 at 8/7c, the ABC comedy series serves up the perfect reason for anyone to unplug. The main character, Eliza, takes her social media attachment to the extreme. Loosely based on “My Fair Lady,” like Audrey Hepburn’s character Eliza Doolittle, Eliza Dooley in “Selfie” needs a personality overhaul. She is essentially a woman who’s obsessed with her outward appearance as well as her status in social media. After a mortifying public incident, Eliza convinces her company’s branding whiz, Henry Higgs, to improve her image.   I can’t wait to see what kind of improvements Eliza makes over the course of the new season.

Unplugging can seem a bit intimidating but I challenge everyone to do it at least once. To start, it is simple, just reach for your phone and hold down the power button. Most importantly, take this time to check off those lingering items on your to-do list!

Want to see the pilot episode of Selfie? Check out this link to Selfie on ABC:

If I can’t convince you to detach for 24 hours maybe Eliza will!

“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ABC through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about ABC Selfie, all opinions are my own.” 

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