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OOTD: Clothing to Run Errands In

OOTD: The Perfect Pair of OverallsOOTD Baltimore Fashion Blog

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OOTD: OverallsWe all have our go-to outfits when it comes to running errands. Ofcourse, as a self proclaimed fashionista I must be fashionable while running those errands. I don’t want anyone in Baltimore to call me out on a down day… Urban Outfitters has some well-priced overalls that I love to wear when I run errands! Overalls are super trendy right now, and super comfy. I paired my overalls with a pair of YRU Chill Preach Slip on Sneakers available at Envishoes.com! They sneakers are also super comfy and stylish ofcourse! Check out the Mary and Jesus print on the sneakers. Screaming Chola! Baltimore Fashion Blogger

Baltimore Fashion Blogger

OOTD: Clothing to Run Errands In