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Ida B’s Table in Baltimore

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Ida B's Table in Baltimore

Had such a great time having lunch at Ida B’s Table in Baltimore!   The staff, the atmosphere and the food all added to our very cool and quaint experience.  We enjoyed some great vegan dishes offered by the restaurant that even a meat lover would enjoy.  The Eggplant Burger was hands down my favorite dish!  Ida B’s Table is a modern soul food restaurant with a bar, parlor, drawing room, and main dining room.  The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, small plates during happy hour, and dinner.

From the website:

Ida B’s Table is named in honor of Ida B. Wells, the pioneering journalist and anti-lynching activist. Ida Bell Wells-Barnett (1862 – 1931) was a contemporary of W.E.B Dubois and Susan B. Anthony, writing and campaigning for justice around the world. She was one of the founders of the NAACP in 1909, and in 1990 the USPS issued a 25-cent postage stamp of her likeness.

Here are the details on what Dayna and I enjoyed for lunch:

Vegan Lunch at The Land of Kush









After hearing about this restaurant on numerous occasions, I finally had a chance to visit The Land of Kush in Baltimore over the weekend.  The Land of Kush is a vegan restaurant with an awesome selection of food that even a non-vegetarian like me would enjoy!  As usual, I asked about their best dishes then ordered them as suggested.  Ribs, macaroni & cheese, collard greens and their house lemonade, I must stress, is a great introduction to the restaurant.  The food was well-seasoned and the lemonade was simply amazing.

While I enjoyed the food thoroughly, I would say the only thing that was missing was a family environment.  For some reason, I expected a place more like Cheers, where everyone knows your name.  A place where you become a regular and they know exactly what you want before you do.  The vibe seemed more like a carry out spot.  But then again, maybe that is what they are going for… Well, until next time, The Land of Kush, I will be back to try those lentil burgers!!

Vegan Lunch at The Land of Kush