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All White Summer Look

all white summer look

All White Summer Look

I truly believe the most productive people wear uniforms and I like to adopt that in my own life.  With that said, I love an all-white and all-black look.  Why?  Because they are effortless.  I love being able to throw on an outfit without second guessing myself.  An all white outfit is the perfect summer look!

I have always gravitated to black and white and actually at the moment, I am slowly building up my white and black pieces for the Fall.  I plan to sell most of my items on Poshmark to get rid of items I no longer need.  Poshmark will also allow you to swap items with other users.  I’m hoping next week to start my Poshmark store and I will let you know all about the process.

Until then, have a great weekend guys!!

UNIF Grey Sweater


Baltimore Fashion Blog



Baltimore Fashion Blog

Baltimore Fashion Blogger

Anthropologie Floppy Hats

Grey Sweater

Bring out the sweaters!!!  I’m super hype about sweater season as you can tell.  I found this beautiful UNIF x UO Waffle-Knit Tunic Sweater at Urban Outfitters.  I was really torn between the grey or white option, but after wearing the grey, I’m pretty sure I can use both!  Matter of fact, yes, I will be back to Urban to pick up the white sweater.  It is super comfy and versatile.  I love the zipper detailing on the side and of course the signature edginess of UNIF.

Outfit Details

UNIF Grey Sweater

Can’t get enough of Chucks

baltimore fashion blogger


Forever21-Led-Zeppellin-Shirt Baltimore_Fashion_Afram

Baltimore Fashion

Well the summer is coming to an end and I look back  at my favorite staple item of the season…. Drum roll…. my chucks of course!  I’m going to be grabbing me up a pair of leather chucks for the end of fall/winter season!  Let’s be real, they look great with just about everything and they are super comfortable.  I will probably be rocking a pair of chucks when I’m 60.


Can’t get enough of Chucks