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What to pack for a quick weekend getaway

What to Pack for a Quick Getaway

What to pack for a quick weekend getaway

So in a few weeks I will be traveling to New Orleans and Orlando for a quick weekend getaway.

To me, quick means some stylish sweats and activewear is the clear winner here!

Sweats are comfy.  I can layer them.  And mix pieces.  I found a few cool pieces at Bloomingdales and Free People that I can’t wait to show you guys.  Hoodies and sweatpants are a no brainer because I plan to run around Orlando like a child, so I want to be as comfy as possible!

I have wanted to visit NOLA for quite sometime and I FINALLY get to go!  (I’m cheesing as I am typing this)  I am beyond ecstatic for this adventure mainly because I plan to eat my little heart out and it’s also a cool weekend getaway for me and my sister.  #SISTERSTRIP

Planning my outfits for the trip have been quite fun.  I don’t want to overpack and because I’m taking a Spirit flight I’m trying to limit everything to a book bag….  AND IT’S SOOOO HARD…

I want to shoot really awesome OOTDs but the space limitations might make that a bit hard because I really need to cut down on bulk.

I have included some more of my favorite looks below: