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Baltimore to New York

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Baltimore to New York

So I moved to New York… dun dun dun.  It felt like a big deal at first, but after being here for a couple of weeks now, I have started to get my groove back.  There are however two things at the top of my list that I need to cross up ASAP.  The first is to find a permanent apartment and the second is to find a New York based photographer to work with on my blog.  While I would love to have my Baltimore photo buddy come here everyday, it is just not realistic 🙁  I miss you already Glen…

I have lived in New York before, it was nearly six years ago, and boy have things changed.  Rent is almost 210% higher and Harlem doesn’t at all look the same.  One thing that I never had the chance to experience while I lived in New York is being a TOURIST.  I plan to take some time to really tour this city which means, I will hopefully continue to improve on my photography skills.  This weekend in fact, I plan to bike across the Brooklyn Bridge and visit Ground Zero.  What is even better?!? I plan to keep a video/photo diary to share with you guys.

Stay tuned.