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Spa Day at Four Seasons Baltimore

Four Seasons Baltimore

Four Seasons Baltimore Four Seasons Baltimore Four Seasons Baltimore Jamaya Moore Makeup Artist Jamaya Moore Four Seasons Baltimore Four Seasons Baltimore Spa Day at Four Season Baltimore Spa Day at Four Season Baltimore

Spa Day at Four Seasons Baltimore

Hey! It’s Jamaya, Four One Oh’s freelance beauty connoisseur. As a makeup artist, my top focus is always skin care. I am a self professed skin care junkie! My medicine cabinet is filled to the brim with skin serums, cleansers and moisturizers. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to join Tia at the Spa at the Four Seasons. I decided to try the HydraFacial. This facial is best for all skin types. The facial involves the esthetician using a pen-like device to deliver a burst of water and various proprietary solutions onto the skin. They run the device back and forth over the skin to cleanse, exfoliate and treat the skin.

The multi-step process starts with a double-cleansing (once with a sea sponge and the hydra-pen) to remove any dirt, makeup or debris.  Next, a glycolic acid (7%) solution is used to exfoliate the skin. It aggressively removes the outer layer of dead skin which are common culprits for dry, dull and flaky skin. It also helps eradicate skin discoloration caused from sun-spots or age-spots.

Then, the esthetician uses a salicylic acid solution is used to perform extractions. An extraction is a technique used to remove clogged pores (blackheads, whiteheads, etc) This step is IMPORTANT as it prevents breakouts, pimples and acne.

Last, my skin was infused with a hyaluronic acid serum to hydrate and lock in moisture. Making the skin look softer, smoother and plumper. And topped off with a light moisturizer.

Afterwards, my skin was on major FLEEK! I walked out the spa with glowy, supple and radiant skin. The procedure took less than 30 mins but the results are worth it! It’s both efficient and effective. Two attributes that make any service a keeper!

Shopping Madewell

Harbor East Baltimore

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Shopping Madewell

More and more awesome retailers are popping up around Baltimore.  The latest …. is Madewell in Harbor East!  Madewell is the place to find a great pair of jeans.  If you happen to find yourself downtown, swing past this beautiful store and try on a pair of jeans- “YOU WON”T BE DISAPPOINTED!”

I love a good button up and I especially love the ones at Madewell.  Gingham, striped, buffalo check, military, plain and more, they have just about every style available.  This brand are masters at the casual yet chic look.

Shop some of my favorites from Madewell below:


Grey Dress

Online retailers

online retailer

Grey Dress

Grey Dress

Why is it that a grey dress always pairs so perfectly with leather coats?  I found this perfect draped grey dress at Tobi.com.  I have talked about Tobi.com several times these last couple of months because they have great deals.  If you are looking for some new shops to try, check out Tobi.com.  The price point is perfect, you can pretty much get a trendy dress for around $30 USD.  Right now through Dec 31st, the website is an additional 40% off.  How perfect is that?  Have fun shopping for your friends and family for the Holiday and don’t forget to get something special for yourself!

Get the dress here: http://tobi.to/hxg

Sunnies here