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tuxedo blazer

tuxedo blazer Tuxedo Blazer  Club Monaco

Club Monaco


I rarely find a bargain and most importantly I rarely find items that I really really want on sale.  But I am pleased to report that I found this beautiful tuxedo blazer at Club Monaco at a great price.  The tuxedo blazer is a classic style.  As long as I can fit into it, I will probably have this blazer forever.  Club Monaco offers great quality and they are especially great at making black garments.  (my favorite ofcourse)  I used to shop at Club Monaco before they offered online purchases, so I am certainly a loyal customer.

As you can see, I have also included some great sights from a stroll around Fells Point.  Fells Point is an awesome historic neighborhood in Baltimore.  Apparently, this blue building has been featured in a movie and the statues on the front have been rubbed quite frequently by passers by.   Maybe Baltimore has its’ very own good luck charm?