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Equipment Makes The Best Pajamas

Equipment Theron Robe

Equipment Makes The Best Pajamas

Don’t you just love that pajamas are now trendy and you can wear them in the daytime?  Probably not… but I’m still excited.  Equipment did the pajama trend right with this jacket.  I almost feel like I need a cigar and a class of brandy.  In case you want to see more of this look the jacket is called the Equipment Theron Robe.  It’s 100% silk and 100% stylish!

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Greece! Travel Diary

Black Girls That Travel

Greece Travel Diary

How beautiful is Athens?  I’m so excited for my next adventure to Morocco and Spain that I’m reflecting about my last trip to Athens!  Greece was a mix of ancient versus modern.  Such an interesting juxtaposition to see when you visit the Acropolis.  However, still beautiful and still unique to Greece!

Show Your Layers

Show Your Layers Show Your Layers reebok_shoes3 Reebok

Show Your Layers - Reebok Shoes

It’s layer season and Reebok is here to help.  Winter is on Fall’s heels and with the wind and drop in weather- all I can do is think about how to layer my wardrobe.

Reebok has some cool gear this season that is perfect for either working out or wearing to run your errands.  Reebok hooked my up with this cool quilted sweater and leggings to style.  Texture and color are my favorite things to experiment with when I layer, so these items fit in perfectly!

“This post is sponsored by Reebok. All opinions expressed are my own.”