EMU Australia Boots

I’m been on hiatus.  I blame it on my new move to New York.  For some reason, all I could focus on was finding a new place to live. Mainly because I needed the space to be able to shoot for my blog!  Well I have finally found it!  And I must add that this window light is everything.  

My moving plans were effected by Snowmageddon but in the midst of all the chaos, I received an awesome package from EMU Australia!  These boots from EMU Australia came at the perfect time too!  I didn’t bring a Winter perfect pair of boots for New York so these were way beyond what I could have expected.  They are absolutely perfect!!! So perfect and so comfy in fact that I never want to take them off.  Like seriously, the comfy factor is wayyyy up there!  They feel more like house slippers than any pair of boots I have ever owned.  I plan to take these babies out on the town all week in New York! 

Stay tuned, I like to call this chapter “Adventures of my Australian boots in New York City!”