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The perfect outfit from Asos

Perfect Outfits from AsosArmy Fatigue JacketArmy Fatigue JacketThe perfect outfit from AsosThe perfect outfit from Asos

The perfect outfit from Asos

I love to layer and for some reason I always feel exceptionally dressed when I do.  Like my outfit is somehow complete.  This army fatigue Milk vintage jacket from Asos is very oversized so it’s perfect with a layered look.   Right not this jacket in this color is sold out but you can check out the carousel below to see more of my favorites from Asos.

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How does Plated work?

How does Plated work?

New York transit is full of advertisements.  I often have one of the moments where I say to myself “OOOOhhh I want to try that”, however by the time you make it off the train and get distracted by everything else the city throws at you, my “oooohhh” moments just fall to the wayside.  A while back, I noticed an advertisement for “Plated” and had one of those moments.  And now I can share with you how one of those moments actually happened!

Here is how Plated works…

1.  Sign up for Plated

Let them know how often you’d like to cook and what you like to eat.

2.  Pick your recipes

Choose from 9 exciting new recipes each week—desserts optional.

3.  Get your weekly box

Receive everything you need in an insulated box packed with care.

4.  Cook amazing meals

Follow simple recipe steps to create impressive dinners worth sharing.

It really is that easy!  I had so much fun cooking this Asian Chickpea Bowl.  I will feature the other I made later this week.  Plated makes you feel like a chef.  I would have never cooked anything like this, EVER!  And after all of your handwork you get to eat it and it was super yummy.  Grocery shopping is so hard for me because of the waste.  I try to shop for two meals at a time to cut down on waste.  Plated is perfect because it is proportioned and I always have enough to take for lunch the next day!  I would recommend this to anyone, single or families.  The delivery is reliable and the meals are good!  Stay tuned for my next “Plated Dish.”

Blue Hair Don’t Care

I wanted to change up my look a little for the summertime.  It was either play around with length or color.  I’m still debating about cutting my hair but I was able to play with color by using “spray on color!”  Spray on hair color is practically available everywhere.  I must warn you it can get a little messy so watch white clothing….  It’s favorable to me because I don’t have to change my color permanently or strip my dark hair to dye it.  Blue and purple are my favorites and costs about $5 to $6 for a can!  You can’t beat that!

Blue Hair Don’t Care