Jeffree Star & Killin' It

Jeffree Star: Killin' It Hat from Paper Alligator

Jeffree_Star_Killinit_hatOne thing you will notice about me is that "I LOVE HATS!"  I like to think of myself as a walking hat stand.  With Winter and Spring gone, I have to find ways to replace my favorite beanies.  Right now, I am stocking up on bright fedoras for the summer and a few baseball caps.  Last year, I purchased the Jeffree Star Killin' It Hat from Karmaloop, and I love it.... The hat is well made, and the added details on the brim, give it a glamorous Jeffree Star touch!



KillinIt_JeffreeStarOutfit Details:  Sixtyseven 

Pants:  Suspender Denim from Urban Outfitters

Hat:  Killin' It Hat from Karmaloop

Shirt:  Henley Shirt from Urban Outfitters


Baltimore Fashion Blogger

Baltimore Fashion Blogger: Let's Take A Stroll

Baltimore Fashion Blogger.... Exploits around Station North in Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore Fashion BloggerStation North is the emerging Arts District in Baltimore.  Graffiti Alley, possibly its' biggest trademark, is the must-see of this burgeoning neighborhood.  Yesterday, I enjoyed an awesome stroll through Station North, checking out all the different graffiti walls, etc.  Soon, I'm hoping to share with you all of the cool motifs throughout Station North.

I thought this neighborhood would serve as a great backdrop to H&M Summer Prints (#HMSUMMERPRINTS) contest going on this week.  I love basics, and H&M serves us some of the best basics around, at a great price!  Baltimore Fashion Blogger  Baltimore Fashion Blogger

Baltimore Fashion BloggerShoes: Deandri Helga Platforms

Top: Stripped Cropped T-Shirt from H&M

Bottom: Denim Leggings from H&M

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters Sunglasses

Until Next Time, See you around the 410!

Photo Cred: Janis Bailey

Good Eats in Baltimore : By Degrees Cafe

Good Eats in Baltimore: Say "Hello" to By Degrees Cafe Located in Harbor East, this somewhat new addition to Baltimore is refreshing!  Very quaint and equipped with wifi, this cafe is a great getaway for good food with quality ingredients.

Baltimore Fashion Blogger

If finding parking is holding you back... don't worry, By Degrees Cafe offers free parking for its' customers on the side of the building!  Like, most Downtown frequenters, I just assumed there was no parking and payed the meter located on the other side of the street.  (Bummer!)

I started out with  an ily Cappuccino.  I must admit it was a bit bitter for my taste but once I added some sugar, it was quite tasty.   The menu was a bit intimidating but the wait staff walked me through all the most popular dishes.  After much contemplating, I decided to get the Smoked Gouda Flatbread.  The waiter assured me you can't go wrong with any of the flatbreads on the menu.  The flatbread was a very interesting twist on pizza, with rich ingredients and and great flavor!

Next, Glen ( and I enjoyed the Fried Goat Cheese Salad.  The salad was awesome!  As a cheese lover, I especially enjoyed the fried goat cheese balls in the salad.  The pieces of dates and bacon, infused an awesome savory and sweet addition to the salad. If I had room for desert, I certainly would have indulged in that as well!  Maybe, next time I'll try the Caramel Bread Pudding.

Check out the pictures below, of my awesome food at By Degrees Cafe!  Try them out next time you are Downtown!

Good Eats in Baltimore

Good Eats in Baltimore   20140530-081554-29754292.jpg


By Degrees Cafe

Good Eats in Baltimore

Baltimore Fashion Blogger

By Degrees Cafe

By Degrees Cafe

20140530-081555-29755026.jpg  Until Next Time ... See you around the 410... Nom Nom Nom