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Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit

Smile Brilliant

Teeth Whitening Kit

I’m so excited to tell you all about a teeth whitening kit that I received from Smile Brilliant.  This is actually perfect timing because I am going to use the kit to whiten my teeth for my trip to Las Vegas, so stay tuned for the before and after.  I would love to do a video, so hopefully I can work on the logistics of that and share my experience with you there.

I was able to customize trays that fit my teeth.  This process was super fun and you can see the final results of the molds in the pictures above.   I hate going to the dentist so being able to do this at home is super awesome!

So what is teeth whitening all about?   I would love to share some information from Smile Brilliant!

When someone says “I tried that product and I saw absolutely no shade change. It didn’t work!” in most cases (no matter the brand) it’s not that the product didn’t work. It’s more likely a case of unrealistic expectations.“

If the bleaching agent is an active peroxide then it is impossible for it not to remove all stains it comes in contact with for prolonged periods of time.”

The natural color of a tooth resides in the dentin which lies below the enamel. Enamel is a clear hard protective coating. Dentin is a soft bone like tissue. The natural color of ones dentin varies per person: most have off-white, greyish or yellowish coloring to their dentin. Very few have naturally bright white dentin. Whatever the natural color of your dentin is, is how your teeth will appear when all stains have been lifted from your teeth.

NO dentist or teeth whitening brand can guarantee a bright white smile including Smile Brilliant. The best they can do is guarantee is a stain free smile # of applications required to remove all stains

The longer you have been collecting stains, the deeper the stains are which means you will require more applications.

Why Smile Brilliant?

There is no magic formula differentiating one whitening gel from the next. The differentiating factor is the device holding the gel to the tooth. For optimal results you need a device that is custom to your dental structure. The custom fitted tray!

Wish me luck guys and stay tuned!