Annapolis Beach

Annapolis Beach Video Diary

A couple of weeks ago on our Annapolis excursion we found several beaches.  Every time we shoot, I am more and more impressed by the cool little things I find in Maryland.  My goal for next year, is to take a couple of road trips and I would especially would love to take a local road trip around Maryland.  Maryland is known as “Little America”, how fun would it be to prove this right here on Four One OH!

Annapolis Beach is pretty cool!  Annapolis has a sort of small beach town vibe surrounding of parts the Naval base.  Annapolis is one place in Maryland, I recommend everyone should visit.

So I guess you can tell, we posted a video this time around.  I guess you can say we are trying something different!  Figuring out how to be different is very complex.  The fashion blog is a great foundation for an idea, but it is how you implement is what sets you apart from other blogs.  The Four One OH! team is always trying to be different. Photographs versus video has us intrigued.  Stay tuned, for more videos!