The Chic Spy: Baltimore Fashion

The Chic Spy: Baltimore Fashion

Four One OH! has joined forces with fashion and entertainment blog, The Chic Spy for an intimate look at Baltimore!  The Chic Spy has assigned us with some awesome missions that target fashion, beauty, food and entertainment in the great city of Baltimore.

Here is a clip from my latest interview with The Chic Spy


I finally decided to make Baltimore my home after contemplating moving back to New York. I have always wanted to start a blog and after some great encouragement from my friends, I decided to take the leap right at the beginning of the summer. Personal style is all about the individual and as someone who lives in a city that isn’t associated with fashion, I thought it would be a great challenge to show my own perspective on style. I was born and raised in Baltimore and I have always stuck out when it came to personal style. Since I can remember I loved hats, shoes and have always loved reading fashion magazines. My upbringing, traveling and my career have all prepared me for telling my fashion story, I just hope everyone enjoys it.

Check out the full interview HERE!