Blogging 101: Practice Makes Perfect

Glenford Nunez

Having and especially maintaining my own blog has been quite an accomplishment for myself.  For almost two years, I’d thought about starting a blog but never knew exactly what I wanted to talk about.  As I have been developing Four One OH!, I have set important goals for my blog as well as the idea of being more comfortable in my own skin.  I have never been the type of person who loved having their picture taken, but this blog has definitely helped me loosen up a bit.  I’m trying to take a cue from Tyra and practice as much as possible.   (In fact, I’m smizing at this very moment!)

After, a blog meeting the other day at The Bun Shop with my Art Director Glenford Nunez, he gave me the best advice… “You think too hard, just loosen up.”  While this is of course easier said then done,  I agree completely.  The best pictures I take are when I’m not thinking about it and just being myself.  We all know that blogging is all about consistency and finding your voice.  I’m hoping by the end of the summer, one goal I can cross off my list, is that I can master the art of taking a picture!  Until next time…

Outfit Details

Striped Tee from Urban Outfitters // Velvet Leggings from Nordstrom // Orioles Hat from Urban Outfitters // Jeffrey Campbell Chains Sneaker from

Blogging 101: Practice Makes Perfect